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School Stories: Why Worldview? A Call to Christ, A Call to Virtue

Evangelical Christian School’s (ECS) mission is “to provide the Christian family with a Christ-centered, biblically directed curriculum that challenges the students to know the Lord Jesus Christ and to develop the vision and practice of excellence in academics, character, leadership, […]

Building Teams

We are committed to teams. Many of us spend Friday night or Saturday afternoon rooting for our school’s football team. Likewise, if we have our own children, we shuttle them to their sports activities so they can be on teams. […]

Four Benchmarks that Predict a Successful Capital Campaign

What makes some capital campaigns wildly successful while others barely hit their goals? Over their 18 years of experience helping schools meet their development goals, the Winkler Group has identified four essential elements for successful campaigns. A Big and Inspiring […]

School Is Not Reality

I knew it in 7th grade. It was not a calling or a selfless desire to give back. I, too, wanted to eat and use the restroom whenever I pleased. These early realizations that led me to education are a […]

Partnering With Classroom Teachers to Support All Learners

By the Learning Support Team at Greensboro Day School, Greensboro, NC Greensboro Day School shares their model for academic support in the classroom and the tools they have created to assist their teachers in reaching all learners. The face of […]

Executive Function Skills for All Students

Have you experienced a 1st grader that gets frustrated and gives up without asking for help or a 4th grader with a messy desk and backpack? Maybe you work with older students that might have a hard time starting a […]

Service Learning at Spartanburg Day School

By Farrar Richardson, Head of Middle School, Spartanburg Day School, Spartanburg, SC Service learning is the model and lens through which the Spartanburg Day School (SDS) middle school designs opportunities that promote awareness, understanding, and action related to communities near […]

School Stories: How one specialized school fills a unique need in our independent school community

Hallie Rojeski, head of school at The John Crosland School in Charlotte, NC, shares how her school transforms the lives of students by helping them belong, believe, and succeed. “When I got to John Crosland, things got a lot easier […]

Accounting Procedures Manual

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FastStats: The Director of Communications

By Jeff Mitchell, Head of School, Currey Ingram Academy, Brentwood, TN The pandemic has magnified the importance of school. Of school being in-person. Of all the roles in our schools. Perhaps near the top of the list is the director […]