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Are Print Books Better for Learning Than Digital Texts?

The short answer: yes. The long answer: it depends upon your ultimate intention. Space: The Hidden Dimension Within the brain, the hippocampus is our gateway to memory. Essentially, all new information must pass through this neural structure in order to […]

Academic Support Virtual Roundtable Recording – April 21, 2023

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Critical Implications for Student Well-Being

The CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey recently highlighted that, nationally, 1 in 3 high school girls reported that they seriously considered suicide and that girls, students of color, and LGBTQQI+ students reported struggling more with well-being concerns, thoughts of suicide, […]

2024 Academic Support Conference

This professional development opportunity is designed for those who offer academic support in an independent school. Classroom teachers, learning specialists, and directors of academic support are all invited to learn together about the latest research, curriculum, instructional strategies, and best […]

Webinar Recording – ChatGPT: Building Capacity in Learning Support

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Webinar Recording – How to Conduct an Effective Classroom Walkthrough

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2023 SAIS Winter Conferences

Webinar Recording – Book Club With Author Michael Horn

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Winter Conference Preview: Helping All Learners SOAR 

We all know the Tina Turner song “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” In my work, I’ve changed this foundational question to be, “What’s self-esteem got to do with it?” For a child who struggles to learn, the answer […]

Learning Restoration in the Covid Era: A Study of SAIS Member Schools

The impact of the COVID pandemic on student learning continues to provoke expressions of deep concern. In this paper we use ERB test data to compare the impact on student learning from the initial closure of schools in March 2020 […]