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News – From SAIS President Debra Wilson – November 2021

Hello Friends! Welcome to November. It has finally cooled down here in the low country and Halloween night brought a bumper crop of trick or treaters to our front door. This month’s Headlines has a lot of information about dashboards […]

Heads of School Virtual Roundtable Recording – October 27, 2021

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Extensive List of Coronavirus / COVID-19 Resources

2021-2022 Resources   Expand 2021-22 resources Return to School Protocols * August 2021 Updated Vaccine and Mask Survey Results SAIS * July 2021 Vaccine and Mask Survey Results SAIS * Planning a Return to Off-Campus Programs Net Assets The CDC […]

ATLIS Cyber Safety Workshop Series for Independent School Leaders

This five-hour workshop over two consecutive Fridays provides a framework for building a cyber safety team and practical steps to build a culture of cyber awareness and safe practices for independent schools. The virtual workshops draw on advice from technology […]

How to Navigate Conflict During Turbulent Times – Webinar for SAIS Heads of School

With a growing number of family groups and other voices criticizing the decisions and commitments schools have made to diversity, equity, inclusion, and policies around the pandemic, this session serves to support school heads and their responses. During this panel […]

Beyond the Open House: A Follow-Up With Randolph School

In 2017, NAIS published this piece titled “Beyond the Open House: How Schools Makes Parent Engagement Fun & Effective” in their Independent Ideas blog. SAIS member Randolph School is featured so we contacted them for an update on parent engagement strategies during COVID. […]

A Checklist for Crisis Planning & Preparation

When the pandemic turned everything we thought we knew upside down overnight, many schools were left scrambling with their crisis teams and developing “just in time” communications to keep their school community informed. More than a year later, we can […]

News – From SAIS President Debra Wilson – September 2021

I will be honest; I escape from the pandemic and other news as often as I can. Two weeks ago, the SAIS team had our first in-person staff retreat since March 2020. We ventured to Pigeon Forge, where we certainly […]

COVID Resource Page

Schools should be aware that information is changing and updating regularly and the resources provided do not indicate an endorsement or assurance.

Tuition and Fees: Contracts and Community Considerations

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