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School Stories: Why Worldview? A Call to Christ, A Call to Virtue

Evangelical Christian School’s (ECS) mission is “to provide the Christian family with a Christ-centered, biblically directed curriculum that challenges the students to know the Lord Jesus Christ and to develop the vision and practice of excellence in academics, character, leadership, […]

News – From SAIS President Debra Wilson – December 2022

Hello Friends! As we race through the first few weeks of December, I hope its shortened days bring a winter break window during which we can all rest a little more as we enter into our various festivities and prepare […]

Building Teams

We are committed to teams. Many of us spend Friday night or Saturday afternoon rooting for our school’s football team. Likewise, if we have our own children, we shuttle them to their sports activities so they can be on teams. […]

Values That Bind and Divide Us: Insights Gained Along “Wisdom Road”

Along Wisdom Road, I have heard the following statements: “My parents valued education above all else.” “What farmers need is more free markets and fewer bailouts by the government.” “We welcome with open arms anyone from anywhere who is willing […]

Admissions Virtual Roundtable Recording – November 9, 2022

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Book Club With Author Michael Horn

Join a thoughtful discussion with Michael Horn on his most recent book From Reopen to Reinvent: (Re)Creating School for Every Child. In From Reopen to Reinvent, distinguished education strategist Michael Horn offers a practical blueprint to rebuilding an education system that is […]

Debra’s Friday Email – August 12, 2022

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Debra’s Friday Email – July 29, 2022

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SAIS Accreditation: Jumping Through Hoops or Getting Engaged?

By Joanne Andruscavage, Director of Accreditation, SAIS When you read the word “accreditation,” what comes to mind? Dread? Drudgery? A series of hoops your school must jump through to earn recognition? A certificate? What’s your “elevator speech” about your school’s […]

The Head’s Transition