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Why a 360-style evaluation is not the best choice and the recommended process for head evaluation

An overview of the process including a timeline and guidance for setting goals

Results from the National Leadership Evaluation Study, major dimensions for constructive leadership evaluation, and a sample continuum of performance

From setting policy to sharing the review with the head

The case for forming a head support and evaluation committee (HSEC), determining criteria and method, and putting it into practice

This case study presents the scenario of a head getting unexpected feedback from the board during an evaluation.

Outside indicators of school success and the basic model of head evaluation

The who, what, how, and when of the head support and evaluation committee

“Independent schools should invest money in helping their heads become better learners, leaders, and managers, and at the same time, establish real accountability that can be a model for the entire school.”

How the head should use a head support and evaluation committee (HSEC) to offer the board comfort about the operations of the school

Three examples of evaluation showing lack of a good system and the ripple effects

Guiding principles, sample timeline, and survey

Originally written for charter schools, this article includes  suggestions applicable to independent schoools.

Samples and Instruments