This collection offers resources and research on the unique position of interim head of school.

A New Look at Succession Planning: Ensuring the Success of Your New Head of School Connor Associates
Regardless of how it’s done, the Strategic Pause ensures that the school will maximize its reputation and confidently set its new head up for a soft landing – ready to set strategic priorities for the school’s path to sustainable success.

Following a Long Term Head John Littleford
There is a good case to be made for interim heads following a long term leader. And there are and have been some outstanding ones. They not only hold the fort for a year (or two) but they can often make tough decisions, can determine where the bodies are buried and clear the “rubbish” out a bit before the new head arrives. 

For a Limited Time Only NAIS
We are all in place for a limited time, but this does not limit either what we can accomplish or what satisfaction we can obtain from a job well done.

How Schools Can Benefit From Regular Interim Heads IntrepidEd
The explosion in Interim Head appointments in the sector at large is alarming, no doubt, but at the same time, at a school level, it’s a major opportunity, for both the school and the next permanent Head. Why?

How Will You Recognize the Qualified Interim Head? ISM
Your source for an interim head is the pool of experienced, successful administrators who have several schools in their backgrounds and have headed at least two.

Interim Headship Hogan Education
So much depends on the state of the school at the time of interim, the reasons for the last Head’s departure and the vision for the school in the years ahead. Clarity at board level prior to the appointment of an interim is vital.​

Interim or Permanent Head? An Important Choice for Search Committees The Education Group
An effective interim head is key to the success of the leadership transition and that of the next permanent head, so the school should spare no effort and take great care in its search for someone who is the most appropriate match for this role.

Succession SAIS
Many schools choose to hire an interim for a year for various reasons: the board is unable to find the right candidate in its search or does not have sufficient time to conduct a search; the board is replacing a long-term head and feels that an interim will provide the community some distance and time to transition; or, a school may seek the experience of an interim to smooth the waters after a stormy season.

The High Strategic Value of an Interim Head: A Conversation with Ralph Wales SAIS
Choosing an interim head of school doesn’t have to be a backup plan—it can be the most strategic option for a school in transition.

The Virtues of an Interim Headship RG175
Interim headships … not for everyone … more work for search consultants like me … but a tool well worth considering by a board as potentially critical to a successful long-term leadership transition in their school.

Transition and Stability: The Day School and the Interim Head Prizmah
An interim year may be of value for many schools as an opportunity for introspection and planning if the resources exist within the school to sustain leadership during such a period.

What Boards Need to Know About Interim Headship Carney Sandoe
Even in the face of initial resistance or skepticism about the value of an interim, with careful planning, clear expectations, and effective communication, an interim year can be very productive in itself, while also ensuring a smooth transition for the next head of school.