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Employee Benefits Survey

As schools continue to face teacher shortages, recruiting challenges, and those leaving the profession, employee benefits are more important than ever in attracting and retaining high quality educators and support staff. SAIS is asking for the assistance of our member […]

Community & Belonging Survey of Students

The EE Ford Foundation is undertaking a project to understand the social-emotional well-being, sense of belonging, level of engagement, and degree of connectedness of independent high school students in the United States and Canada. The Foundation has reached out to association partners like SAIS to alert schools to […]

School Security Survey Results

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December 2021 Enrollment Snapshot

SAIS collected enrollment information from member schools to identify current regional trends in admissions. Responses from 123 schools across 11 states and Mexico are included in the following information with the majority of responses coming from GA, NC, and TN […]

Updated 2021 Vaccine and Masking Survey Results

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SAIS Motivation and Engagement Snapshot

The Motivation and Engagement Snapshot focuses specifically on the three core psychological needs connected to internal motivation; autonomy, belonging, and competence. The survey is designed to be a snapshot, offering a quick look at these three core needs. The survey […]

SAIS Governance Health Check

The SAIS Governance Health Check measures how well the board executes on its commitment to best practices in independent school governance in its day-to-day work within the five domains of board governance: roles and responsibilities, structure and operations, culture, board-head […]

SAIS Net Promoter Score

The SAIS School Community Feedback Survey is designed to be used every two to three years. During the intervening years, the school may want to do a quick check in with stakeholders to gauge the current school climate. The NPS […]

SAIS School Community Feedback Survey

The SAIS School Community Feedback Survey is designed to help schools gather data on how well the school is meeting expectations of parents and families, faculty and staff, and current upper school students. All survey slots for September and October […]

Faculty SCF Survey

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