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Sample Charts for Salary Information, Years of Service, and Employee Headcount

These templates from Palmer Ball help schools organize data comparing both independent and public school salaries including years of service and degrees earned. Additional charts for staff classification are included.

DASL Comparison Template

This template from Palmer Ball helps schools collect data, observe trends, and draw conclusions from five to ten years of important data points.

DASL Comparative Data Benchmark Schools

This tool from Palmer Ball assists schools in collecting comparative data for tuition, enrollment, endowment and more.

SAIS Motivation and Engagement Snapshot

The Motivation and Engagement Snapshot focuses specifically on the three core psychological needs connected to internal motivation; autonomy, belonging, and competence. The survey is designed to be a snapshot, offering a quick look at these three core needs. The survey […]

SAIS Net Promoter Score

The SAIS School Community Feedback Survey is designed to be used every two to three years. During the intervening years, the school may want to do a quick check in with stakeholders to gauge the current school climate. The NPS […]

SAIS School Community Feedback Survey

The SAIS School Community Feedback Survey is designed to help schools gather data on how well the school is meeting expectations of parents and families, faculty and staff, and current upper school students. Our November and December survey dates are […]

Perception of Independent School Value

In November 2006, a study was commissioned by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) to assess the current opinions and perceptions of independent schools. This study, conducted by Shugoll Research, had the objectives of assessing attitudes toward quality objectives; […]