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Cryptocurrency in Independent Schools

Bill Ullman will provide a background on cryptocurrency as a form of donation for independent schools. He’ll discuss the overall features and trends of this rapidly developing asset class and the important questions to ask when doing research on various cryptocurrency […]

Developing Financial Policies

Join Paul Ibsen to understand the development of sound financial policies for your school. Paul will share his suggestions for getting the important procedures in writing and developing a trusting relationship between head and CFO. We’ll have a discussion, time […]

2022 Fundamentals Conference

The SAIS Fundamentals Conference is for those interested in learning more about the building blocks of independent schools. The curriculum is designed for school leaders who want to bolster their leadership skills and unpack the basics of how schools operate. […]

Webinar Recording – Trustee Tune-Up, Financial Wellness for Trustees

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DASL Comparison Template

This template from Palmer Ball helps schools collect data, observe trends, and draw conclusions from five to ten years of important data points.

Cost Effectiveness by Division

This template from Palmer Ball collects data to identify how the cost per division has changed over time, compares growth to spending, and calculates net deficits per division and student.

Class Size Model

This model from Palmer Ball can help schools determine parameters for opening new sections and determine appropriate class sizes.

Accounting Procedures Manual

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Audit vs. Review

Trustee Training: Financial Wellness for Trustees & School Leaders

Is your school’s current trajectory sustainable in the long-term? What actions can you take in the next five years to ensure future choices? John Gulla (EE Ford) will share the culture and indicia of sustainable and unsustainable schools. He will offer […]