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Governance Resources

SAIS provides several resources for board guidance, training, self assessment, and head evaluation. Guidance SAIS schools should bear in mind that good governance is a part of accreditation. The relevant standards and indicators can be found here and the governance […]

Education Privacy Handbook

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Helping Students—and Schools—Cope With Tragic Death

Robert Evans, Ed.D. | When a school suffers a suicide or a sudden tragic death, whether of a student, a faculty or staff member, or a parent, people feel shock, disbelief, and immediate concern for students. They want to […]

Required Skills and Responsibilities

As we create job descriptions and prepare interview questions, what skills are most important to the mission and vision of the school? SAIS is developing responsibility and skills lists for a number of positions. These lists offer sample language from […]

Developing Financial Policies

All heads of school need to understand and facilitate the development of sound financial policies for the school. Paul Ibsen, retired independent school CFO, shares his suggestions for getting the important procedures in writing and developing a trusting relationship between […]

Obtain Meaningful and Actionable Feedback with SAIS Surveys

Surveys offer schools valuable information from stakeholders in the school community. SAIS offers a variety of survey options developed to gather feedback from parents, students, faculty, and trustees. School Community Feedback Survey For parents, faculty, and upper school students, the […]

Data Collection Tools for Financial Planning

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Accreditation Workshop Presentation

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SAIS Accreditation Portal

Schools going through the accreditation process and school leaders serving on visiting teams use the portal to upload school information, the self-study, responses and evidence to indicate standards compliance, and the visiting team’s report.

SAIS Accreditation Standards, Indicators, Required and Suggested Documentation

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