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Obtain Meaningful and Actionable Feedback with SAIS Surveys

Surveys offer schools valuable information from stakeholders in the school community. SAIS offers a variety of survey options developed to gather feedback from parents, students, faculty, and trustees. School Community Feedback Survey For parents, faculty, and upper school students, the […]

Accreditation Workshop Presentation

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SAIS Accreditation Portal

Schools going through the accreditation process and school leaders serving on visiting teams use the portal to upload school information, the self-study, responses and evidence to indicate standards compliance, and the visiting team’s report.

SAIS Accreditation Standards, Indicators, Required and Suggested Documentation

We also have a Word (Docx) version available for download.

Accreditation Guidebook

Audit vs. Review

Required Number of School Days

Principles of Good Practice

Online/Remote Teaching Professional Development Resources

Torrey Trust, associate professor of learning technology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, has compiled a list of online/remote teaching professional development resources. Resources include open access ebooks, online courses, and more.

A Virtual Care Package for Teachers

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