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Subject for Independent Schools

Are you struggling to find highly qualified teachers for key subjects? Are you interested in growing your course selection but lacking the capacity? Subject is an accredited learning platform designed to deliver quality education to learners everywhere. They are partnering with […]

Understanding the Future of Education

Join expert analysts from Future Design School and unpack emerging education trends analyzed in The Future of Education Report 2022, including: Developing and measuring critical competencies Creating a future-ready portrait of a graduate Deepening personalized learning Rethinking assessment During this […]

Cybersecurity Webinar Series

Federal & State Privacy Law Changes – The Importance of Planning Ahead April 28 | 12 PM Eastern / 11 AM Central The first webinar in this series will discuss federal and state privacy laws. With cross-party support for a federal […]

From Triage to Transforming: A Proactive Whole-School Approach to Mental Health 

This session will provide educational leaders with a clear framework for how they can effectively support the mental health of their students and teachers. They will be given specific steps they can take to ensure all of their teachers are […]

School Wellness Trends You Can’t Ignore

Stress is up, wellness is down, and school leaders need to act. We’re rapidly approaching some of the hardest school months. Tests, prom, and graduation are hallmarks of the spring semester—but are often accompanied by stress, social conflicts, and rising […]

Ten Steps to Effective Hiring

Hiring the best candidate is the ultimate goal of the hiring process. It provides an opportunity for a school to learn if the candidate is the right fit for the school, and for the candidate to evaluate if the school […]

Hiring: Best Practices for Background and Reference Checks

A key component of hiring the right person is asking the right questions during background and reference checks. It can be challenging to ascertain what you want to know without accidentally eliciting information you aren’t legally allowed to consider. Join […]

Hiring as Networking

Ensuring that the school is staffed by a dynamic faculty and staff devoted to advancing the mission of the school is the head’s most important responsibility. With the pandemic wearing heavily on educators, schools will need to work harder and […]

AISAP Pathways Benchmarking Tool

After participating in the AISAP Annual Pathways Salary and Benchmarking Survey, attend this webinar to learn the results and analysis of the survey. The survey results will provide an in-depth look at job responsibilities, salaries, staffing, and operational challenges. The whitepaper […]

Revealing 2022’s Biggest Trends With Students, Tech, and Social Media

Social media’s rapid evolution coupled with unprecedented access to advanced technology has forever flipped the script on social-emotional learning in the 21st century. As students’ thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors shift just as fast as technology itself, it’s no longer safe […]