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Cryptocurrency in Independent Schools

Bill Ullman will provide a background on cryptocurrency as a form of donation for independent schools. He’ll discuss the overall features and trends of this rapidly developing asset class and the important questions to ask when doing research on various cryptocurrency […]

Developing Financial Policies

Join Paul Ibsen to understand the development of sound financial policies for your school. Paul will share his suggestions for getting the important procedures in writing and developing a trusting relationship between head and CFO. We’ll have a discussion, time […]

Recruiting for Board Diversity

This workshop will present a recruitment process that has been implemented by many schools to expand and diversify their boards. It will include steps for identifying the characteristics, skills, and perspectives needed as well as suggestions for where to find […]

Research-Based Activities to Promote Student Flourishing in Schools

How can we create schools that nurture all aspects of student flourishing? Research Schools International (RSI) and The Human Flourishing Program at Harvard have curated a collection of research-based activities that promote student flourishing.  In this presentation, Christina Hinton will […]

Social/Emotional Milestones in the Digital Age

There are many milestones involved in growing up in the digital age. This talk will inform counselors, educators, and school leaders about the latest research on digital natives and help them appropriately support young people as they encounter and master […]

Supporting Student Well-Being by Prioritizing Educators’ Social-Emotional Health

At a time when 54% of teachers are reporting high levels of burnout and one in four teachers are considering quitting their jobs due to stress, schools nationwide are searching for ways to fuel teacher well-being. If you feel like […]

Responding to Student Abuse Concerns

Schools have rigorous student abuse prevention protocols, but sometimes concerns do come up. This session will help you navigate tricky situations including: What are the standard steps to take? How have these standards changed over time? Do you really need […]

Staying Within the Guardrails: Professional Boundaries in Independent Schools

The past few years have highlighted a number of community lightening rods, including in our schools. Join this interactive conversation for independent school administrators and faculty to address the following questions: How do school staff maintain healthy boundaries within the […]

It Takes a Village: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

In this learning session, Darkness to Light’s director of social behavior change, Lia Gil, will discuss the 5 Steps to Protecting Children™ and ways Darkness to Light is changing organizational culture by addressing policies, systems, and environmental factors to create a culture of […]

Making the Leap From Teaching to School Leadership: Relating to the Institution Through an Administrative Lens

With a few months of leadership experience in their roles, this workshop will focus on the shifts first time school leaders have made from teaching to administration. Topics include: the business of independent schools the power structure that leaders exist in […]