Overview of Accreditation Costs

Item Fee Frequency Notes
Membership Dues Sliding Scale Yearly Based on operating budget
On-Campus Workshop $1,000 Once For new members only
Accreditation Fee $850
Every 5 years SAIS $850 or SAIS + Cognia $975
Payable with RFP (Request for Participation)
School-Specific Virtual Workshop $550 Every 5 years Customized for your school’s re-accreditation process
Regional Virtual Workshop $125 per person Every 5 years General FAQs for any school going through re-accreditation
Chair Pre-Visit Travel expenses Every 5 years The chair visits the school for one day approximately 6-8 months prior to the team visit.
Team Visit Travel expenses Every 5 years The visiting team (typically 5 members) visit the school for 3 days/2 nights.