History of SAIS Accreditation

1903          Mid-South Association of Independent Schools (MAIS) was formed to provide networking, professional development, and interscholastic activities to independent schools in the South.

1953          Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) was formed to offer a coordinated voice in the expanding world of accreditation.

1986          MAIS and SAIS merged and retained the SAIS name, hiring Tom Redmon, Ed.D., as executive director.

2002          SAIS accreditation was first offered.

2004          SAIS partnered with SACS to create the SAIS-SACS dual accreditation process.

SAIS accreditation was first offered in 2002 and has seen several revisions of indicators and practice as we have continued to refine the process. In 2004, SAIS partnered with SACS in the creation of the SAIS-SACS accreditation process, which spoke to the needs of both of the organizations, and more importantly, to the needs of independent schools across the traditional southeastern region.