Planning for the Visit

SAIS will assign your team members and chair. You may suggest areas of expertise that would be valuable to your school, but the final creation of the team is the responsibility of SAIS in conjunction with your chair. Team visits should last a minimum of 2.5 days but may be longer if the chair and the head of school feel more time is necessary.

The logistics, travel expenses, lodging arrangements, and meals vary from visit to visit, but should be determined by the chair and the school’s accreditation coordinator.

Items to be considered:

  • Daily schedule for both the school day and visiting team
  • Adequate and secure workspace for the team
  • Space for stakeholder meetings and interviews
  • Special needs/requests/dietary restrictions
  • Directions and parking information for school and hotel
  • Directional signs on campus or assigned greeter
  • Emergency contact information for school coordinator/host
  • Emergency information for each team member
  • Name badges for the visiting team
  • Paper/pencils/pens
  • Wifi access
  • Printer access
  • Water, coffee, and snacks in the team space
  • Travel expenses of the team and chair should be paid through the school’s normal reimbursement process.
    • Mileage is to be reimbursed at the current IRS rate