Accreditation Training for Schools, Chairs, and Team Members

SAIS offers accreditation workshops on school campuses, online, and around the region. For more information about these options, use the links below.

Initial Accreditation Workshops

Re-Accreditation Workshops

Virtual & In-Person Options Available

  • Open only to current SAIS member schools going through a re-accreditation process.
  • Designed for the school’s accreditation coordinator, steering committee, and/or other administrative personnel.
  • The workshop fee is $125 per person.
  • Includes a review of the guidebook and logistics.
  • Opportunity to ask questions in an informal setting.
  • View & register for an upcoming workshop.

School Specific Re-Accreditation Workshops

  • Virtual accreditation workshops for member schools going through the re-accreditation process.
  • The virtual workshop is a 2-hour webinar and includes materials.
  • An interactive presentation, best suited for a minimum group size of 6 and a maximum of 24, in a space that accommodates group work.
  • We recommend that your school’s senior leadership attend as well as all faculty/staff who are likely to be directly involved in the accreditation process.
  • The virtual workshop fee is a flat rate of $550.
  • Schools going through a re-accreditation may schedule a virtual accreditation workshop here.

For Visiting Team Chairs

  • SAIS offers accreditation chair training at the SAIS Annual Conference in the fall and at several other times during the year.
  • SAIS relies on the expertise of heads and senior administrators to serve as accreditation visiting team chairs. Typically, those who attend chair training have served on several teams and been recommended by a visiting team chair.
  • There is no workshop fee for chair training, but new chair registrations will be reviewed before being accepted.

For Visiting Team Members

  • To be considered for team service, complete this form.
  • Keep your SAIS account and profile updated.
  • Watch this 7-minute video to learn the basics of serving on a team.
  • The chair will lead the team through an orientation session at the beginning of the visit and offer pre-visit guidance via email.
  • Learn more on the Resources for Visiting Teams page.