Ongoing Requirements

As part of the continuous improvement process, a two-year interim report is required and demographic updates are submitted each year with membership dues renewal.

Interim Report Requirements

Accredited schools must submit a two-year interim report to SAIS after the team visit. This report ensures continued compliance with standards/indicators and documents efforts made in addressing the visiting team’s recommendations and the school’s self-study goals.

Member in Good Standing

Schools must remain a member in good standing with all annual membership dues paid in full and abide by policies and procedures.

Notification of Substantive Change / Head of School Change

Accredited schools must notify SAIS in a timely manner of a substantive change using this form. In the event of a substantive change, SAIS may request additional information or conduct a visit to the school.

Changes may include:

  • head of school change
  • other leadership changes
  • adding or contracting grade levels
  • merger
  • name change
  • mission change
  • major construction
  • crisis situation
  • litigation
  • school closure
  • other changes