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Documents Relative to Standard 1: MISSION

NOTE: This is an abbreviated list of documents taken from the indicators. The absence of the documents may delay the accreditation process.  Evidence of nondiscrimination policies in handbooks, website, employment information, student applications, school publications Evidence of regular mission review  […]

Accreditation Workshop Presentation

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SAIS Accreditation Portal

Schools going through the accreditation process and school leaders serving on visiting teams use the portal to upload school information, the self-study, responses and evidence to indicate standards compliance, and the visiting team’s report.

SAIS Accreditation Standards, Indicators, Required and Suggested Documentation

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General Resources for Accreditation

Accredited Schools Materials

SAIS Accreditation Logos Accredited SAIS member schools are permitted and encouraged to display SAIS logos on their website, print materials, the graduate’s diploma, transcripts, etc. Please use the links below to share the school’s accreditation achievements.  JPEG Files Typically, JPEGs are used […]

Accreditation Resources for Team Chairs

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Accreditation Resources for Visiting Teams

Audit vs. Review

Required Number of School Days